Anxiety Attacks At Night – What Are The Causes?

When a person experiences anxiety attacks at night, it can be highly disruptive to a person’s daily routine and lifestyle.  It can also deteriorate your immune system since anxiety attacks in the evenings can cause more stress and will cause your body to be highly on edge.  It can also cause immediate health problems such as mental and physical fatigue which can also be a trigger for bigger and worse anxiety attacks in the future.

Anxiety attacks at night are common in a lot of people.  According to research studies, there are about 50% of patients who are diagnosed with anxiety who suffer from anxiety attacks during the night. Logic tells us that when a person is asleep, then the body is more relaxed. So with that in mind, how come that some people still have nocturnal anxiety attacks?

Panic attacks that are experienced at night have various causes such as:

Chemical imbalances in the body may cause panic attacks during sleep. If a person has less serotonin in the body than usual, then the body will not be as calm and relaxed as it is supposed to be. Lack of adequate amount of serotonin in the body will cause the body to be over stimulated and thus having anxiety attacks at night.

Having stressful thoughts can also bring about panic attacks in the evenings.  When you lay down in bed and you think about stressful events, panic stricken experiences and other ideas that can be detrimental to your mental health, then you might be prone to having anxiety attacks at night.

Sleep disorders can also affect the frequency of anyone to have panic attacks during the night.  Irregular heart beat and abnormal blood pressure are the results of the lack of sleep.  When having problems such as these, the body becomes too tired and very disturbed thus putting more stress and pressure in the body and in the mind.  Anxiety attacks can be more frequent at night if there is a lack of sleep.

If you consume a lot of caffeinated drinks such as tea and coffee and other substances such as alcohol and drugs, then the risk for anxiety attacks at night can be high.  Try to curb your intake of these highly stimulating substances and regulate your intake of alcohol and drugs if possible.

It is important to note the various causes of anxiety attacks at night to be able to pinpoint what you can change and improve in your routine and lifestyle to avoid any panic attacks.

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