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Trump cheated to beat Hillary

After 240 years of all male presidents, the smartest, most dedicated and experienced leader ever to run for the office of president—Hillary Clinton—a woman beloved around the world and by the vast a majority of Americans, was cheated of her rightful place as the winner of the 2016 U.S. presidential election by the collective cheating…

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Thank You, Secretary Clinton

[Cross-posted from DailyKOS, by By Avila from Wednesday Nov 09, 2016 · 10:41 PM PST]   Secretary Clinton, I will remember you.  I’ll remember the lessons I’ve learned from you, and will always be thankful to you for teaching me and so many others by example, by inclusion, by grace, by strength, by perseverance. I…

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Because there is no good reason not to and hundreds of reasons why we need Hillary to be president!

This is amazing and beautiful!  You have stoical old Dems tearing up from this.  Brava Hillary on a positive election campaign rife with high integrity and honesty!  Glad to see that you don’t need to showcase how vile Donald Trump is anymore—even just using his own words.  Trust me: we get it!  We have your…

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Because Hillary’s character comes through in her deeds, as does Trumps

We are just a few days away from Election Day and we have published almost sixty posts explaining why we support Hillary, staying totally on the positive side. Hope you’ll take a look at them.  Meanwhile, for several decades, the Republican Party has been doing everything it can to smear Hillary ever since she stood…

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Dear Madam Secretary

[This message was sent to us but it was intended for Hillary Clinton directly. We are publishing this statement of support for Hillary from the author and sender, Ms. Alma J. Martinez.]   Madam Secretary, It is an honor to support you win the election. I am immigrant that come many years ago and needed…

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Because “Emailgate” is not like Watergate despite what Trump says

It is true that while serving as Secretary of State, Hillary preferred to use her Blackberry to stay in touch on emails, rather than being obliged to use the State’s archaic email system, something prior Secretary of States had also done and advised.  A long FBI investigation of her use of the private Backberry system…

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I am very scared

[This message was sent to us from Kasey Smith:]   I am very scared that if Donald trump gets elected for president then my dad won’t be able to live bc he is disabled and dose not have very good use of his arms. Donald hates woman and makes it very obvious. I would love…

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She supports what I support

Here’s a nifty graphic that sums up most all of the important issues that are at stake in this election.  Take a look at this list and decide if you agree or don’t agree with these positions.  The differences between the candidates could not be more stark.  

Because LeBron James does

Cleveland Cavaliers star, LeBron James, arguably the most famous Ohioan, has just announced his endorsement for Hillary Clinton.  In is a beautifully written, heart-felt statement entitled, “Why I’m endorsing Hillary Clinton,” this man who is revered for his athletic prowess and his sportsmanship and who is now dedicating his life and using his own successes…

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Because she doesn’t quit

Dear American people, Some of you had a bad reaction when Hillary didn’t kick Bill out of the house after she learned, in the most public and mortifying of ways, that he’d messed around with another woman.  She didn’t lash out publicly in anger and rage, she didn’t try to preserve her dignity by packing…

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Because of respect for her “intellect, experience and courage”

This is a quote from today’s endorsement of Ms. Clinton by the New York Times editors, entited “Hillary Clinton for President.“  This is such a well-written endorsement, it is really impossible to say it any better than they have.  Here is a small excerpt to whet your appetite but please click the link to go…

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Why vote for Hillary . . . in a gorgeous infographic

[Adminisrator’s Note:  This is being re-posted from a widely-shared Facebook post by Venessa Scrivano Kelley because it is too good not to share more broadly.]  From Venessa: This started out as a friendly challenge from a good friend who plans to vote for Trump. He said, “I look forward to you outlining your rationale for…

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Because even the Bush family can’t stand Trump

According to an article published in Politico entitled, “George H.W. Bush to vote for Hillary Clinton,” Kathleen Hartington Kennedy Townsend reported that she met with the former president and he told her that he would be voting for Hillary Clinton.  Even though he had intended to merely distance himself from Trump by remaining silent and…

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Because we are optimistic, not nihilistic

When Trump goes on to ask Russian hackers to continue their apparent assaults on an American election by finding more of Clinton’s emails, even as a wan joke, he takes the side of the arsonists while attacking his opponent for a fire code violation. Today, for the first time in its twenty-five year history, WIRED…

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Because we reject fascism

Our goal for WISH has long been to share our belief in Hillary’s awesomeness.  It was never our goal to focus on Hillary’s opponents.  Nor were we expecting to have to defend American Democracy.  Nevertheless, we care about the kind of America that we will have after the election. Donald Trump is pretty much the…

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Because Tom, Bruce, George, Glenn, Will and Sean do, among others

What do Tom Hanks, Bruce Willis, George Cloney, Glenn Close, Will Ferrell and Sean Penn have in common?  They are all top Hollywood stars and they support Hillary.  Walt Hickey, the chief culture writer for, studied which films were filled with the most Hillary-fan actors and reported his findings in an article entitled “The…

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