Because we are optimistic, not nihilistic

When Trump goes on to ask Russian hackers to continue their apparent assaults on an American election by finding more of Clinton’s emails, even as a wan joke, he takes the side of the arsonists while attacking his opponent for a fire code violation.

Today, for the first time in its twenty-five year history, WIRED makes an endorsement for president:

” . . . For all of its opinions and enthu­siasms, WIRED has never made a practice of endorsing candidates for president of the United States. Through five election cycles we’ve written about politics and politicians and held them up against our ideals. But we’ve avoided telling you, our readers, who WIRED viewed as the best choice.

Today we will. WIRED sees only one person running for president who can do the job: Hillary Clinton.”

WIRED’s endorsement is based upon its rejection of the nihilistic world view presented by Trump, with its eye set firmly on scarsity and fear, and its embrace of Hillary Clinton’s optimism and positive vision for moving the country forward into a more inclusive and egalitarian future, where we work together to improve America and the world.

This endorsement is a wonderful and a clear statement of what the two futures are fundamentally that we are electing, even if you don’t agree 100% with all of Hillary’s past choices.

So click here to read: WIRED Endorses Optimism.

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