Because we reject fascism

Our goal for WISH has long been to share our belief in Hillary’s awesomeness.  It was never our goal to focus on Hillary’s opponents.  Nor were we expecting to have to defend American Democracy.  Nevertheless, we care about the kind of America that we will have after the election. Donald Trump is pretty much the polar opposite of Hillary: he has spent his life enriching himself often at the expense of others and he has zero history of service.  He knows nothing about government or governing.  Rather than listening and being humble, intelligent and studious, he is arrogant, ignorant, oozes “isms”  including racism, sexism and now, for many, we are hearing the distinct tones of facism.

Even worse than a candidate who is patently unqualified for office, we now recognize that his actions and his candidacy actually threaten the very fabric of our democracy.  An article by Marina Fang in the Huffington post entitled “Ballet Legend Mikhail Baryshnikov Warns Against Donald Trump’s Authoritarianism” alerted us to a video produced by an organization called Humanity for Hillary featuring the world-renown dancer, Mikhail Baryshnikov, talking about how reminiscent to his experiences in the old Soviet Union Donald’s totalitarian approach to governing appears.  Those of us in the United States not familiar with how a totalitarian regime gets a foothold within a culture are not as qualified to recognize the symptoms as someone like Baryshnikov, so this is worth watching.

We support Hillary but we especially support democracy.  We can’t believe that the Republican Party is backing a wanna-be fascist and we are writing a post like this.

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