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Because there is no good reason not to and hundreds of reasons why we need Hillary to be president!

This is amazing and beautiful!  You have stoical old Dems tearing up from this.  Brava Hillary on a positive election campaign rife with high integrity and honesty!  Glad to see that you don’t need to showcase how vile Donald Trump is anymore—even just using his own words.  Trust me: we get it!  We have your…

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Because Hillary’s character comes through in her deeds, as does Trumps

We are just a few days away from Election Day and we have published almost sixty posts explaining why we support Hillary, staying totally on the positive side. Hope you’ll take a look at them.  Meanwhile, for several decades, the Republican Party has been doing everything it can to smear Hillary ever since she stood…

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She supports what I support

Here’s a nifty graphic that sums up most all of the important issues that are at stake in this election.  Take a look at this list and decide if you agree or don’t agree with these positions.  The differences between the candidates could not be more stark.  

Because of respect for her “intellect, experience and courage”

This is a quote from today’s endorsement of Ms. Clinton by the New York Times editors, entited “Hillary Clinton for President.“  This is such a well-written endorsement, it is really impossible to say it any better than they have.  Here is a small excerpt to whet your appetite but please click the link to go…

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Because Tom, Bruce, George, Glenn, Will and Sean do, among others

What do Tom Hanks, Bruce Willis, George Cloney, Glenn Close, Will Ferrell and Sean Penn have in common?  They are all top Hollywood stars and they support Hillary.  Walt Hickey, the chief culture writer for, studied which films were filled with the most Hillary-fan actors and reported his findings in an article entitled “The…

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Because she takes tackling climate change seriously

The whole planet is being threatened by global warming which, if not tackled seriously by our next president, could change the entire course of our future.  Donald Trump, who has said that he believes that Climate Change is a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese, would be a disaster for the American people as well as…

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Because #he’s with her

President Obama gives Hillary one of the finest endorsements ever provided by a sitting president to a candidate.  He did so enthusiastically right after the primaries with the below video. And he did so in spectacular style at the Democratic convention, in what was possibly the best speech he has ever given.  The standout line…

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Because Tamar supports Hillary Clinton

There has been a lot of banter about what parts of the body should be making the decision about whether to vote for Hillary. This writer comes out strongly for using the head and the heart in deciding to vote for Hillary. I was so happy to read this post on Valentine’s Day and it…

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Hillary trumps the field in endorsements

I was reading about some recent articles announcing endorsements of the Hillary campaign:  by the American Federation of Teachers; by Sybrina Fulton, the mother of slain African-American teen Trayvon Martin; by the U.S. Black Chamber of Commerce; and by Planned Parenthood, which is making its first endorsement of a presidential candidate in its 100 year…

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Because Black Lives Matter . . . and Hillary doesn’t need to be told

Trayvon Martin’s mother, Sybrina Fulton, has come out to endorse Hillary Clinton.  Trayvon, an African-American teenager was killed by George Zimmerman while walking down a street. The case brought national attention to the issues of race relations and gun control.  Sybrina wrote an article endorsing Hillary Clinton that was just published in CNN online.  Please…

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Because the Supreme Court really matters

Everyone should read this Op Ed written by Hillary Clinton and published in the Boston Globe on January 8, 2016. I am hoping that she won’t mind this re-post of her brilliant editorial since I am not trying to violate her copyright, rather I am trying to add to her readership.   A make-or-break moment…

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Bernie for Vice President!

The Democratic debate was quite exhilarating.  We learned that Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton differ on a few issues, like gun control and how to deal with excessive corporate power. But, for those watching carefully, the key exchanges revealed more about how much Bernie and Hillary have in common than how different they are! For…

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