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Thank You, Secretary Clinton

[Cross-posted from DailyKOS, by By Avila from Wednesday Nov 09, 2016 · 10:41 PM PST]   Secretary Clinton, I will remember you.  I’ll remember the lessons I’ve learned from you, and will always be thankful to you for teaching me and so many others by example, by inclusion, by grace, by strength, by perseverance. I…

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Because there is no good reason not to and hundreds of reasons why we need Hillary to be president!

This is amazing and beautiful!  You have stoical old Dems tearing up from this.  Brava Hillary on a positive election campaign rife with high integrity and honesty!  Glad to see that you don’t need to showcase how vile Donald Trump is anymore—even just using his own words.  Trust me: we get it!  We have your…

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Because she has the patience of a saint

Hillary is asked time and time again, “What is it about you that pushes people’s hot button?”  The answer is pretty simple: She is a smart, capable woman and she aspires to make a difference in the world. The real question should be put to the NRC: What is it about Hillary that you fear…

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Hillary Isn’t Intimidated by Bullies

Republicans and the press have been hammering away about Benghazi.  Endlessly, attempting to pin something on then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for the tragedy that occurred when terrorists bombed our diplomatic mission there, killing four Americans. But then, accidentally, the truth came out. House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy boasted to Sean Hannity about how…

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If Hillary were so bad, why would they have to spend gazillions to test how to discredit her?

            Those sneaky Republicans! In an article in the New York Times on July 11, 2015, entitled “Shaping a Campaign Against Hillary Clinton,” Ashley Parker and Amy Chozick write about how operatives from American Crossroads, the Republican “super PAC” are spending millions of dollars conducting “expensive and sophisticated” consumer testing…

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