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Because there is no good reason not to and hundreds of reasons why we need Hillary to be president!

This is amazing and beautiful!  You have stoical old Dems tearing up from this.  Brava Hillary on a positive election campaign rife with high integrity and honesty!  Glad to see that you don’t need to showcase how vile Donald Trump is anymore—even just using his own words.  Trust me: we get it!  We have your…

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Dear Madam Secretary

[This message was sent to us but it was intended for Hillary Clinton directly. We are publishing this statement of support for Hillary from the author and sender, Ms. Alma J. Martinez.]   Madam Secretary, It is an honor to support you win the election. I am immigrant that come many years ago and needed…

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She supports what I support

Here’s a nifty graphic that sums up most all of the important issues that are at stake in this election.  Take a look at this list and decide if you agree or don’t agree with these positions.  The differences between the candidates could not be more stark.  

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