Dear Madam Secretary

[This message was sent to us but it was intended for Hillary Clinton directly. We are publishing this statement of support for Hillary from the author and sender, Ms. Alma J. Martinez.]


Madam Secretary,

It is an honor to support you win the election. I am immigrant that come many years ago and needed to learn the language and face many struggles to bring my family when my Country was in word for 12 Yrs. I can see my dreams coming to reality when you present your plan how to help immigrants and held their hands to a better life. I support you because you want every child to have good education staring from pre-school. I support you because you are capable to to do changes . I support you because up the hill waching us wondering what else can you work ? I support you because the same passion that you posses, I do . I am passionate to help and support the Community at the School where I work. I Support you because only you can make my dream and the dream of many be a reality. You are and will be the Next President of United States. It’ s with great pleasure and honor to Support you to the end.

Yours truly,

Alma J Martínez

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