We love you, Hillary!

Hillary is still the right woman to shatter the highest glass “ceiling” in America.

She is brilliant, honest, hard-working and dedicated to helping the American people.  Like many honest people, she was up against a man so ruthless, he was willing to recruit racists, traitors and even conspire with America’s enemy—despotic Putin and his Russian agents—to cheat America of their actual choice for president. Nevertheless, Hillary won 3 million more votes than Trump and the vast majority of Americans despise and revile Trump for his despicable character.  Because of his cheating, Trump will take office and lead a band of oligarchs and crooks at the top of our government–but he has no mandate and no one trusts him or respects him, because he really is an immoral and unethical person, probably suffering from psychoses.  But he is expert at knowing how to skirt the letter of the law.  We are pretty sure that, now that he can’t hide his criminality, the law will catch up with him quite quickly!

If you are #STILLWITHHER, as we are, we know that you are suffering from a sense of having seen our electoral system raped and have this repugnant creature forced upon us.   We are still distressed over the assault on the integrity of our electoral processes and the pummeling of our  Democracy.  We know that, had both sides played by the rules and not cheated, as Trump and his team so clearly did, that Hillary would have won easily.  It was only by depriving millions of American’s of their votes that Trump and the corrupted Republican party was able to cheat Hillary of her win. We are starting to work on the solution to the rape of our electoral system.  If you would like to see what we are working on, please click here to contact us.

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This website was created to show why we believe that we have exactly the kind of inspiring, brilliant, hard-working and experienced senior statesman that is needed to lead this country in Hillary Rodham Clinton.  From as early as her college days at Wellesley through to her service as Secretary of State, Hillary has broken through more glass ceilings — achieving more “firsts” and having more impact on the quality of life for men and women everywhere — than any other American, man or woman.  It is time for voters to stop listening to the partisan voices out in the media and to start listening to the facts.  We hope you will review the dozens of posts that we have created to share why we support Hillary.  This site remains a testament to the kind of leader we want, we need and we wish we had.

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Republican perspectives are also welcome!  We find the below compilation of conservative assessments of Hillary Clinton to be just as powerful — coming from the mouths of hardcore Republicans — as those of people whose political viewpoints overlap.  We encourage you to take a good look at the facts about Hillary, her integrity, her record of service and her ability to listen to all sides, before you make your decision about her.

The fact is, Hillary is an extraordinary woman and exceptional candidate who has spent her life in the service of others and she is better qualified, more intelligent, more experienced and more inclined to work in a bipartisan way than any other candidate.  America is in need of her intelligence, her warmth, her willingness to work hard and her commitment to do what is best for American, including going the extra distance to “cross the aisle” to build consensus.  We think Hillary can make our country great again—and we want to help voters overcome the deceptively negative, partisan messages pervading the press.  When you learn the truth, we think you will agree that she will do a better job as president than anyone else in the country — man or woman!


Are you ready to support Hillary?

OUR FUTURE is at Stake: Hillary really needs your support for the General Election!

We all know: the alternative to Hillary Clinton winning the election . . . is a President Donald J. Trump!  If you agree that this is the last thing you want to see happen, please consider showing your support for Hillary now, when it matters.

Attend a campaign event:  If you have not already attended an event with Hillary, please do this.  There is nothing like seeing Hillary in action for yourself.  She is an inspiring and historic candidate, so even if the campaign’s fundraising events are expensive, you will always cherish having seen her in person!  Click this link to search through and find what events are happening where. 

Volunteer:  There is a lot going on with volunteers around the country who come together to help perform critical functions for the campaign, including making calls, registering voters, hosting watch parties, inviting friends and neighbors to campaign events, or knocking on doors to communicate how important it is to get to the polls.   Click here to sign up with the campaign to volunteer.

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Write:  We welcome you to join us in blogging about why you support Hillary.  If you are interested in adding your own thoughts to this website, please contact us at: admin@whyisupporthillary.com

Donate:  Of course, we all know that national election campaigns are very expensive.  If you have liked what you’ve read here at Why I Support Hillary and you are with her, please make a donation to Hillary’s campaign.  We contribute as much as we can and maintain this website. If you click this link and make a contribution directly on Hillary’s campaign’s website, we will list your name on our WISH Honor Roll.

We thank you for reading and supporting Hillary Clinton in her historic campaign for the presidency.




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