#ImWithHer and #ItsNOTAlright

The election is over. My swollen eyes and soggy pillow are recovering and I am even getting up and out once in a while.  But my heart still constricts with pain at every news soundbite, as it is increasingly clear that a modern day “Darkness at Noon” nightmare has begun for the U.S.

There is a lot to bewail and mourn in the loss of this dream of Hillary as POTUS.  The worst fears of climate activists will undoubtedly progress, possibly until too late for even what climate activists had hoped would be an already belated response.  Our president-elect would not mere allow tipping points to tip — he would accelerate them. He will cast into forever certainty our children’s and grandchildren’s demise by heat storm, flood, famine, drought or war.  If Trump has his way, the earth’s climate will heat up faster than it is already doing, wiping out life in the oceans, trees in temperate zones, coast lines and an estimated 60% of biologic species. I foresee an inexorable shift in seasons to something unrecognizable: with hot springs exploding into summers as capable of broiling as ovens. Spring’s saplings won’t get far from the ground before they wither from frying or simply drying out. Those of us who have viewed the data saw this election as being our last opportunity to avoid this fate—but we have failed.  We simply can’t believe that humanity’s tragic fate may be sealed by this electoral farce, this perversion of democracy.

It is stunning to think that so many people could vote against humanity’s future. That voters failed to support a candidate clearly committed to taking action on our climate emergency to vote for someone who doesn’t display even the temperament to parse important scientific reports. He just doesn’t see the threat to our planet as being important enough to even care to confirm for himself why the climate scientists have been hitting the “RED ALERT” alarm for a full decade.  Donald Trump glibly and probably ignorantly dismisses the work of thousands and thousands of the world’s most brilliant scientists who have labored for more than three decades without special compensation to provide humanity with detailed and perfectly supported scientific evidence of what is happening with our climate. No, without a glance at a single document, Donald Trump dismisses the entire issue in a 160-character tweet, as clearly empty of substance or facts as his head.

And then there is the enormous kick to the dignity and human sovereignty of all women around the world. Americans all know that Donald Trump has assaulted women sexually, repeatedly, asserting his male dominance at every opportunity, married or not.  He may deny it but he was captured on videotape joking and laughing about how he simply sexually “grabs” and attacks any woman he wants, in the crudest and most disrespectful terms imaginable. He was not captured doing this unaware: he looked at and spoke directly to the cameraman filming the entire exchange—and he knew he spoke about criminal acts and still did so with impunity, believing in the social and economic shield provided by his wealth and celebrity.  His arrogance is so complete, even when women with evidence of his acts subsequently emerged to accuse him of having actually done what he bragged of—since he warded off criticism by claiming his remarks had been “locker room talk,” —yet this liar accused those women of lying.  His credibility is so utterly non-existent but nevertheless, he walked away unscathed.  Where are the ramifications for such behavior?

Parents shielded their children as best they could from his crudeness—but it permeated the airwaves like poison. Even worse reports have circulated with substantial evidence: an accusation from his former wife of having been violently raped by him, which terms were softened once she signed some settlement with him.  Then there is the lawsuit from a woman who claimed she had been brutally raped as a 13 year-old girl.  She even had an eye witness in the room. These women, having been threatened at that time with injury or death if they ever came forward, summoned all of their courage to file the lawsuit. But the threats against them grew so frightening and credible, not just Donald’s but also from his supporters, that on the brink of a press conference to show their faces, the lawsuit was withdrawn.

So, on top of rape of a minor, spousal rape and all of the other frauds that he has perpetrated on students, vendors, banks and businesses of all kinds, there is threatened murder topping Donald’s gold-lined “rap sheet.”  How is what he is doing not supporting or sponsoring terrorism, when people are threatening others with violence just for releasing important information, and virulently harassing opponents and critic online, just for their opinions?  Does Donald condemn any of the threats made to these women or his critics, including reporters and other Republicans?  No, he doesn’t.  He clearly condones the violence — and does it all out in the open. We all know about this.  Where are our laws and our justice?  Why can no one do anything about this monster?

Over the course of the campaign, we first saw Donald speak highly disparagingly of women, insult them directly to their faces, insults their looks, their weight, their integrity, ethnicity, and even their biology. It was undignified, mean, smug, sexist and cruel.  This was all totally unheard of in a presidential candidate and seemed unbelievably bad, but the truth is that he has done far worse: he perpetrates criminal sexual assaults and uses Mafioso tactics of threat of personal injury or death, to mute and silence his victims.  It makes me believe it is possible he has actually taken the life of one or more of his accusers, especially if they were young women he had abused . . . .

Where is our criminal justice system?  Where is fairness in this nation?  Anyone else would be locked up.  So do we need to get evidence that he engaged in murder before we can prosecute and lock this monster up and have the public opprobrium to support it?  He claimed he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and not lose any supporters.  It appears that we will need to find out.



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