MySecureTabs Review – A Source that Provides High-Quality Alternatives

My Secure Tabs is an online medicine source that has been around for many years now, providing customers with excellent alternatives to the pricey costs of branded drugs in the market. Its specialty is generic medications, identical versions of branded drugs that have prices which are considered low but has the exact same effects. Since generic medicines are what My Secure Tabs primarily sell, customers can buy them for prices that they never thought possible. One example is generic Viagra, the top bestselling product of My Secure Tabs and it only costs $0.27 USD. Compared to the branded Viagra which is sold at local pharmacies for prices that range from $75 to $83, the generic one is a wiser buy because not only does it cost cheaper, it also has the same effects as it uses the same active ingredients.

Such is what composes the majority of medicines at My Secure Tabs. They have generic versions of almost every drug with the exception of federally-controlled substances whose sale is not allowed online. The prescription drugs that cripple many people because of their very forbidding prices at the local drugstores can be bought for just a few cents at My Secure Tabs. This is very empowering to the customers because not only will they have the ability to save a lot, they will also be able to purchase as much as they need for their treatment. Some customers may still doubt the legitimacy of the products sold by My Secure Tabs but that’s ok as customers can verify that all of their meds are approved by the Food and Drug Administration which is a guarantee that they are safe for use.

MySecureTabs Reviews

A customer named Dorothy from Andorra was happy with the excellent service that My Secure Tabs has given her especially with answering her query very efficiently. She might have encountered a problem while she was browsing the site of My Secure Tabs or while she was on the process of ordering so she decided to contact its customer service department where she got the help that she needed. Dorothy also adds that the products of My Secure Tabs have good prices, so much better than the prices at the local drugstores and much better compared to other online sources. She’s just glad that she got the real value for her money.

My Secure Tabs Customer Reviews

The comment of a customer named Samuel from France is that his orders are shipped speedily and he had no problems at all with waiting as the delivery of his orders were very quick. The other thing that Samuel has mentioned is the fact that he was constantly informed by the customer service department regarding the status of his orders until he has finally received them which is very reassuring to a customer like him. Samuel is a loyal customer to My Secure Tabs and has been using it for many years now and never once was he displeased with the service that he got.

Again, the commendable customer service of My Secure Tabs is the reason for the review that is given by a customer named Sarah from Spain. She mentions that the customer support personnel that dealt with her concern was quick to respond and was also polite. She very much appreciates this kind of treatment that she had because according to her, this service is rare these days. Sarah is so thankful to My Secure Tabs that she even extends her thanks to the company that formulated her medications and also to the courier service who have delivered her orders to her safely.

The last review for My Secure Tabs is again about its excellent customer service and the one who gave the review was a customer named Piter N. from Italy. Piter was just very pleased with the customer service that he has been given although he did not mention any specifics about it. It’s also the same regarding his comment about the shipping of his products where he was pleased but he has given no details whatsoever. But regardless of what those details are, Piter was satisfied enough that even though he had just finished giving his review, he’s already looking forward to the next occasion where he will be purchasing from My Secure Tabs again.

MySecureTabs Online

My Secure Tabs Website

It’s perfectly fine if customers encounter a website which has the same appearance as My Secure Tabs but has a different name because it’s a part of its pharmacy network. The domain names of these network sites may be different from the main site of My Secure Tabs but all of them are connected and operates from a centralized server. This means that even if customers will make their orders from a network site of My Secure Tabs, it will still be processed just like it has been done on its main website.

MySecureTabs Coupon Codes

When the amount of the customers’ orders exceeds $200 USD, My Secure Tabs will be waiving their shipping fees and will send their orders via standard airmail (2 to 3 weeks) for free.

My Secure Tabs Free Shipping

But if their orders exceed $300 USD in amount, their orders will be shipped via express mail service (3 to 8 days) free of charge. A 10% discount is also applied automatically to the customer’s purchases once they reach $200 USD in the total amount of their orders. There are also free pills that will be added to their ordered medicines.

MySecureTabs Phone Numbers

Customers that will be needing help or have some questions for My Secure Tabs can call their phone hotlines which are +1 718 487 9792 and +4420 3239 7092. These hotlines are available round the clock to provide assistance to the callers that will be needing them.

MySecureTabs Spam and Phone Calls

Although it’s a requirement for the customers to provide their contact details, My Secure Tabs don’t use them for the purpose of sending spam emails them or making voluntary phone calls. The contact information of the customers is only used by My Secure Tabs for verification purposes and nothing else. Unless a customer requests to be contacted, only then will they be calling their customers back.


My Secure Tabs is an online medicine source dedicated to help its customers afford medicines by providing high-quality alternatives in the form of generic drugs. Customer reviews also reflect the satisfaction of the clients who have bought their drugs at My Secure Tabs, an assurance that they are committed to giving their customers the best. My Secure Tabs gets an overall rating of 5 out of 5 and for clients who are still looking for more, they can check our top list of recommended pharmacies.

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