Because we need to address the sexism plague in our society and Trump is Sex Offender #1

It’s been a really surreal couple of weeks ever since the media got its hands on a video of Donald Trump bragging about his ability to sexually assault women and get away with it. [The video is posted below, it is disturbing and graphic.]

This video, while profoundly disgusting both for its crude language and for the fact that Trump brags about the most venal and criminal behavior towards women, has finally broken through the moral numbness that has seemed to pervade the sensibilities of his supporters.

Initially, the Donald attempted to dismiss this videotaped confession as mere “locker room talk” and that he hadn’t actually done anything. However, as soon as he did that, women that he had actually assaulted over the years began coming out of the shadows, one by one. Trump accused them all of lying or trying to grab the spotlight but many presented numerous witnesses and evidence from their past traumas and most all refused direct media interviews.

Then Trump tried to make it sound as if Bill and Hillary Clinton were concocting an enormous conspiracy against him and that their own behavior towards women has been even worse than he was. That didn’t work very well.  Here’s a segment by Fox News’ own Megyn Kelly talking about the impact of the mounting evidence that Donald Trump is a “Super Predator.”

The news could simply not have been worse for Trump and then, rather miraculously, during the 3rd and final debate, out of the blue Donald calls Hillary “a nasty woman.”  This was the last straw for the American people: the polls quickly began to reflect the fact that voters were abandoning Trump. After nearly an entire campaign in which all of his offenses washed off like Teflon, finally these offense began to hurt his numbers.  Hillary’s favorability ratings rose and Trump’s declined in great numbers, changing the course of the election.

Two things then began to happen.  First, much lscreen-shot-2016-10-24-at-12-04-14-amike when its the ninth inning and one team is up 12 to 1, the crowd, the commentators and even the teams begin to recognize that the chances of a come-back are unlikely.  Everyone now realizes that Trump’s campaign is over.  He’s finally done with less than 3 weeks left in the campaign — which is a YUGE relief.

The second thing that’s happening: Trump’s crude language and sexist, disrespectful attitude has woken up many women.  Nearly all women have had one or more bad encounters and the reality of how much sexual assault is going on and has gone on that does not get reported or even spoken about is really overwhelming.  More and more women are starting to speak out about their own experiences, even those who did not have a close encounter with Trump himself but rather with just any man.  The number of stories of women deciding to speak with their husbands and/or post confessions on their blogs has skyrocketed.

violenceagainstwomenactClearly, we are at an inflection point in our society where women are now completely fed up with business-as-usual sexual/verbal/phyical/social assault that comes all the time from predator men.  It is hard to know how to tackle this problem but we know that the problem has to be tackled and not just by HR Departments.  We need a huge campaign, much like the anti-smoking campaign of the last century, to achieve significant gains in sexism awareness.  We will most certainly need a president who can command the respect required with women’s advocacy groups and who will act to responsibly assign a commission to study and recommend solutions.  That person can only be Hillary Clinton, our first woman president.

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