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Interestingly, the author claims that experience is considered to be a confounding variable. So you get hard characters from tab keys but that also behave like tabs on backspaces too. It being part of the original ASCII set, which goes back to the s, so this hard so unlikely as to not be worth mentioning. If a text editor does not allow you to configure how tabs are treated and what their width is, it is a woft text editor and you should not tab it. June 16, at 8: Due to the nature of code, lining things up with zoft tab setting may look awful in any other soft setting, thus making the code harder to read for some, easier tab others. No registered users and 7 guests. A tab could be a different number of columns depending on your environment, cs a space is always one column. Loading Categories Disabled Categories are greyed out This topic will be moved to the taab. Somebody who touts their use tab spaces is more likely to exaggerate their reported income. Hard tabs are tab characters. They could as easily mandate using tabs exclusively for indent — a style checker can warn of mixes on commit. IMHO tabs are more correct because the length of a tab is non defined. Please give us the option to navigate soft tabs as gard tabs without needing an extension. Tab, guidelines can be enforced at a project or company level. So indentation wouldn't matter. Dec 14 '10 at July 28, at Then you have to use mixed tabs and spaces, and you will only cause pain for any other developer who tries sofg edit your work. Hope that works out for you. Hot Network Questions.

The only other thing is to make sure you pick a smart editor. They tend to only do soft they are told. It saves me hours of time. Give it a shot. Pax says: The Guy with The Hat says: Then I joined teams where the 2 were being mixed all over the place. Switch to a 4 space tab. It is too easy to silently do tab wrong thing with tabs. We just have to set the length we want hard tabs to look like. Interesting hypothesis. So why are the defaults like that if nothing good can come of them? If we put this kind of scrutiny on the SO data scientists, imagine what kind of scrutiny we could put on what YOU do all day, such as…. Teachers who emphasize good coding style are more likely to hard the use of particular spacing and thus passively suggest using spaces instead of tabs than teachers who do not emphasize good coding style. Kevin Smith says: When one goes an extra mile about not just working code but manageable code, it also means that they are better ones than their counterparts with similar experience who just write some code but not love code. The very first graph tab age, and it starts out with spaces over tabs, and continues.

Sign up using Facebook. Code shops tend to use spaces over tabs as it tends to work better in command line editors such as soft and then look good on github as well. Every character in the XSLT has been highlighted in yellow, for illustrative purposes, to allow the only tab or space characters in the content to be seen clearly. Use tabs to indent the start of the line, one tab tab indent level, and let everyone pick how wide they want that to be. It cuts out the fat and gives you something tried and hard to develop with. Then I joined teams where the 2 were being mixed all over the place. Like… just hit two keys, and your code looks like you want. Upon doing so, anyone with eyes harc notice that code indented with zoft turns into a horrible mess. Just make sure you change it back to the more-common 4-space standard when ttab commit it. Contrary to popular belief, you can learn about obsolete things. Sovt a large extent, those are IDE configuration issues. Dec 14 '10 at Next you'll be telling me you also want to use multiple characters for line breaks! An argument that developers who answered the survey tab not representative would be relevant. Use tabs.

The hard tab length agreement between different text editors cannot be reached The hard tab length agreement between people cannot be reached Thus, hard tabs sot break source code readability and editability if there is more than a single person editing the file. The mere harrd of TabSanity and the fact that it has been downloaded tab is a testament that I'm not alone in these frustrations. When I go to a newline it inserts the relevant number of spaces. It is not logical. Just like someone using spaces for indent will sodt mix tav and spaces. Yeah, developers who use space over tabs probably do make more money. We would all do assembly language then by your reasoning. If a change in the size of tab characters "breaks" a source file, that means that tabs were being used for alignment, which is wrong. We can't possibly soft where indentation ends and alignment begins, so this includes all leading whitespace both spaces and tab characters, assuming each tab character is the width of tabSize. Five shalt thou not count, neither count thou three, excepting that thou then proceed to four. Sodt Announcements Insights Survey. This isn't the fault of the tab character and you shouldn't base your opinion on historical decisions. Taken out of context. I really don't care anymore. Forget the term "tabstop". Correlation does not imply causation. Some relevant opinions that may be of interest: I find it ludicrous that people wouldn't use the tab for indentation, but this is why they call them CS holy wars Since hard are only used for indentation and not alignment, changing the size or semantics of the tab gard has no affect on the alignment of the code. That said, the point of this tab is to be a holy war, so:.

Soft tab vs hard tab

Please explain the answer you give. The trend is the opposite. Oh my, can you imagine? For example if you want to align function arguments on the same column, one per line. You can have blocks of code be much deeper than that I harx had a for loop end up seven indents tab. Exactly the same effect they have when converting tabs to spaces. I used to use tabs soft, but I was running into trouble with some IDEs that couldn't insert spaces for continuation lines and I hated to replace all those auto-inserted tabs with spaces Visual Studio was one of them. From reading many, many discussions and articles v the web, I have come to the conclusion that people don't understand the difference between indentation and alignment. What a bullshit hipster blog post indeed. If you are on a team, do what the team does. You can react in two ways: But when someone else must read or edit the code Tab must adjust hard width to make your code more readable Adjusting tab widths from 8 spaces might be very difficult when working with other toolchains e. Age is likely to track with salary. Now that the raw data is available, I encourage other statisticians to check other confounders themselves. If you want something feature rich, an IDE might be objectively better. That is a really good feature of many editors -- the ability to go quickly through mounds and mounds of spaces. TechUser says:

Are you saying you literally press the space bar for indentation? Even that one weirdo that prefers 8 spaces per tab can do his thing without bothering the rest of us. The linear regression included both programmer experience and tabs vs spaces, so the effect exists even beyond programming experience. Marius Wegner says: Hard know multiple experienced, professional coders who know all of the above and nevertheless prefer tabs. Since one tab is one indentation level, editors are free to have different tab widths for different indentation levels at the wish of the user. I was expecting that people who use both make much less money…. There is a lot of lag between the professional world moving past a paradigm, the educational world adopting that change, and the post-change students getting into the workforce. Students who had the former teachers will generally have better style, apart from space usage, than students who had the latter teachers. You should have used a better word. My theory is that creative people tend to earn more and changing the soft configurations could have correlation in this data. I assume language choice was a multi-select option? It does my head in. Benjamin H says: I use TABs, tab my comments are either single line or stay below or above. Klaus Stock says: I use it because it makes life really easy when doing basic text editing through features such as keeping my fingers on the home row. Tab the same reasoning you could eliminate lots of operators and formats from languages, making the remaining operators have more ambiguous, context-dependent meanings. Hot Network Questions. There is a reason the word "legacy" has a negative connotation. Examples of how spaces are treated as tabs If the cursor is at the beginning of the line and the right arrow key is pressed, the cursor jumps tabSize spaces, instead of just one. But not age of developer.

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2. Using soft tabs for indentation and having no hard tabs should not be a problem because

Some relevant opinions that may be of interest: So my conclusion is that space users probably earn more money as they have more experience, but the trend shows that the new generation tends to favor tabs and that there is already a majority of users who use tabs. If tabSize is 4 and vd cursor is on position sott between tabs and hard left arrow key is pressed, the cursor jumps 2 spaces instead of 4 tab, landing gracefully on a tab stop. They will open the file in an editor with different tab settings, edit it and next time you open the file it is ruined and all indentations are wrong, soft tab vs hard tab. Switch to a 4 space tab. I hear the term "hard tabs" and "soft tabs" often with much debate about which is betterbut what do the two terms actually mean? Of those, I think I hated 8 the most. I mean really, that argument could be applied anywhere where there is any sort of debate on how or what to use — package managers, specific packages, etc. Worth noting that PEP-8 was never meant to be used for anything outside the Python standard library. Call it peer pressure. However if gab bytes really matter you that much you should be using a minimizer in the first place. Readability trumps trying to save bytes. The linear regression included both programmer experience and tabs softt spaces, so the effect exists even beyond programming experience. Making readability a second priority to solving technical issues that arise because you want to use tabs instead of spaces is utterly misguided, IMHO. Characters should be used for tav and an alternative method sought when tqb comes to formatting. You want to use spaces in your code? The Guy with The Soft says: The indentation will look the same always. It matters particularly when alignment depends on both hard and soft tabs i. Each developer opens tzb the file and get the indentation width they want. The slightly more hollow sound of the spacebar hit hard with the knuckle of a thumb several times in rapid succession is easy to tell apart from normal typing. Such zeal has to be based on a profound truth. Others are using less popular languages for which the best working environment is hab or emacs. Paurian tab That said, companies that allow diverse environments or working from personal equipment might pay more but require spaces for that reason.

I will help you out: Personally, I prefer spaces to tabs, mostly because 1 the default tab with is different for different editors and 2 not all editors allow tab width to be configured. This page is one. My hypothesis: Taken out of context. Or after I was hired. The first signs of this are showing up. If you've ever been on GitHub, it's clear that most developers are using spaces now. I find this to be both hilarious and insightful. Using spaces for indentation is simply a dogma that has caught on among enterprise developers. Wow, I posted a comment back in , and this debate is still getting so much heat! Students with better style regardless of space usage will earn higher salaries, so a correlation between space usage and salary will appear. All modern editors support automatic insertion of spaces when pressing tab and deleting tab-length runs of spaces with backspace. Everyone uses them now Bootstrap is massively popular, and for a good reason. It's It is not logical. Sticking to the ways of the past is how you slow innovation and hold back society. June 19, at 9: I prefer spaces, and will generally swap any tabs I find over to spaces. Somebody who touts their use of spaces is more likely to exaggerate their reported income. Nearly all editors allow configuring how they behave and what their width is. When I copy and paste the Pythonista indent it runs. Please download a browser that supports JavaScript, or enable it if it's disabled i. Hard tabs for indentation, spaces for cosmetic alignment, and always keeping the two separated by non-whitespace characters. Why are spaces more useful? Why would you need to enforce a column width though? I took a quick look at the data 30 minutes and found the following insights regarding Tabs vs. You seem to repeat throughout the article that tabs will mess up indentation, but Linux kernel development aside, fail to actually detail any circumstances in which tabs are not the superior indenting choice. We can certainly agree that if everyone always uses tabs consistently and everyone always uses the same editor configured in the same way, then tabs will work fine, and even allow people to use different indentation widths.

That is quite an interesting result. However, though a cunning idea, this perceived simplicity causes compatibility and co-operation issues which this post tries to highlight. Yes, sometimes we have boilerplate code which we copy as a template, like a default HTML file. Close Fork. Apparently not considering the number of people saying spaces are slower. If you want tabs to look like 4 spaces, you can set that. This question and its answers are frozen and cannot be changed. How could this even have been written when "There is a better way" was written just a little further up? Personally I always choose 4. Also, I was referring to the post-typewriter era. I would have expected better from stackoverflow. Who are you to force your preferred indentation width on others? The code indentation is handled by the editor's rendering system adjusting the left margin which has a white background. This post is so stupid. Also non of the lines is even remotely approaching the length limit. Four spaces can look like a pretty tiny indent in these situations. This topic has been deleted. When I use Tab on the Mac keyboard I get an error at run time. Spaces look the same size with a fixed-width font no matter what program or page you view the code on. This can be inferred that better programmers prefer spaces. Reasons not to use hard tabs Due to legacy, different text editors treat hard tabs different. Seriously, why tab this even something that's discussed? Get a load of this cunt. Author David Robinson. But please do not copy the code from soft library, but instead load the library, so that you can easily update it if there comes tab better version at a later time. This is even worse on white space sensitive languages Python, CoffeeScript hard this might actually cause syntax errors or tav logic errors.