Stress Relief, Relaxation Techniques and Possible Herbal Remedies For Panic Attacks

Panic attacks can happen anytime and anywhere without warning. With symptoms such as nausea, shortness of breath, rapid heartbeat and sweating, it can be easily mistaken as a heart attack or seizure. Treating this condition usually involves consulting a mental health professional. However, there are a few natural remedies for panic attacks you can try for yourself.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Of all natural remedies for panic attacks, this kind of therapy has shown the most successful ones. This method encourages patients to investigate and recognize the thoughts that serve as trigger points for panic attacks.

On top of this, coping mechanisms are introduced as well. In other words, patients are taught how to deal with panic attacks with the end goal of managing and even preventing one from happening again. The more control you have, the better you feel about yourself and less chances of feeling anxious.

Relaxation Techniques For Panic Disorder

Another form of treatment that focuses on the psychological causes is various forms of relaxation. These can be used to control anxiety and reduce the stress that may be triggering the attack. Deep breathing can be practiced by just about anyone. This involves controlling your breathing through various inhaling and exhaling exercises to help you calm down.

Meditation on the other hand involves clearing your mind and substituting positive thoughts in your head. Yoga is a more advanced method of meditation and involves techniques for both mental and physical well–being. Both will need a bit of practice though, but are recognized as effective natural cures for panic attacks.

Avoiding Stress

More often than not, stressful situations help trigger anxiety, and then panic attacks and some of its symptoms. In some cases, it even makes them worse. With this in mind, it is important to identify the causes of stress and address them right away.

Stress is usually caused by social relationships, work and other external factors. Patients should learn to take it easy and relax a bit before stress gets worse. One of the simplest ways to do this is by lying down and getting some rest. Doing anything that you find pleasant is also a good way to de-stress.

The important thing here is to put your mind at ease and prevent panic attacks from coming up.

Herbal and Homeopathic Remedies For Panic Attacks

You may not know it but the treatment for your panic attacks may already be sitting quietly in your kitchen. Various herbs and homeopathic remedies have been proven to work against panic attacks and have already helped a lot of patients. These help minimize anxiety and stress which also helps improve your overall mood. As such, certain symptoms are avoided as well.

Some of these natural remedies for panic attacks include lemon balm, passiflora and lavender. These remedies are some of the most effective when it comes to relief from panic attacks and its symptoms. Do not forget to consult your doctor or homeopath for additional advice.

When it comes to breaking free from your panic attacks, it is important to know that it can be achieved and with the use of natural remedies and a plan of action, it can be overcome.

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