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Because she doesn’t quit

Dear American people, Some of you had a bad reaction when Hillary didn’t kick Bill out of the house after she learned, in the most public and mortifying of ways, that he’d messed around with another woman.  She didn’t lash out publicly in anger and rage, she didn’t try to preserve her dignity by packing…

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Because #he’s with her

President Obama gives Hillary one of the finest endorsements ever provided by a sitting president to a candidate.  He did so enthusiastically right after the primaries with the below video. And he did so in spectacular style at the Democratic convention, in what was possibly the best speech he has ever given.  The standout line…

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Why Lilly Ledbetter supports Hillary

Why I’m supporting Hillary Clinton for president. Jan 28, 2016 by Lilly Ledbetter  [Cross-posted from hillaryclinton.com] My story paved the way for the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. Together we can fulfill its promise. When I became an overnight shift manager at the Goodyear plant in 1979, there weren’t many women on the job (and…

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