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Because Hillary’s character comes through in her deeds, as does Trumps

We are just a few days away from Election Day and we have published almost sixty posts explaining why we support Hillary, staying totally on the positive side. Hope you’ll take a look at them.  Meanwhile, for several decades, the Republican Party has been doing everything it can to smear Hillary ever since she stood…

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Because “Emailgate” is not like Watergate despite what Trump says

It is true that while serving as Secretary of State, Hillary preferred to use her Blackberry to stay in touch on emails, rather than being obliged to use the State’s archaic email system, something prior Secretary of States had also done and advised.  A long FBI investigation of her use of the private Backberry system…

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Because the election is rigged

We hear Donald Trump’s constant whining, now that he has shot himself in the foot about 50 times, that the election is “rigged.”  He doesn’t actually say how it is rigged—just assumes that people will think that the Democrats have found a way to get more voters registered and votes submitted than actual Democrats.  He…

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Because we need to address the sexism plague in our society and Trump is Sex Offender #1

It’s been a really surreal couple of weeks ever since the media got its hands on a video of Donald Trump bragging about his ability to sexually assault women and get away with it. [The video is posted below, it is disturbing and graphic.] This video, while profoundly disgusting both for its crude language and…

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She supports what I support

Here’s a nifty graphic that sums up most all of the important issues that are at stake in this election.  Take a look at this list and decide if you agree or don’t agree with these positions.  The differences between the candidates could not be more stark.  

Because we are optimistic, not nihilistic

When Trump goes on to ask Russian hackers to continue their apparent assaults on an American election by finding more of Clinton’s emails, even as a wan joke, he takes the side of the arsonists while attacking his opponent for a fire code violation. Today, for the first time in its twenty-five year history, WIRED…

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Because we reject fascism

Our goal for WISH has long been to share our belief in Hillary’s awesomeness.  It was never our goal to focus on Hillary’s opponents.  Nor were we expecting to have to defend American Democracy.  Nevertheless, we care about the kind of America that we will have after the election. Donald Trump is pretty much the…

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Because #he’s with her

President Obama gives Hillary one of the finest endorsements ever provided by a sitting president to a candidate.  He did so enthusiastically right after the primaries with the below video. And he did so in spectacular style at the Democratic convention, in what was possibly the best speech he has ever given.  The standout line…

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