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Because she doesn’t quit

Dear American people, Some of you had a bad reaction when Hillary didn’t kick Bill out of the house after she learned, in the most public and mortifying of ways, that he’d messed around with another woman.  She didn’t lash out publicly in anger and rage, she didn’t try to preserve her dignity by packing…

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Because she takes tackling climate change seriously

The whole planet is being threatened by global warming which, if not tackled seriously by our next president, could change the entire course of our future.  Donald Trump, who has said that he believes that Climate Change is a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese, would be a disaster for the American people as well as…

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Inspiration enough for Emojis

I am a fan of Hillary’s, even though she isn’t flashy, wacky, or trying overly hard to be cool.  The fact is, she is really smart, totally hardworking, compassionate and up to the challenge of leading this country.  It’s true that Obama is a pretty hard act to follow and Bernie is more exciting, because…

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