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Trump cheated to beat Hillary

After 240 years of all male presidents, the smartest, most dedicated and experienced leader ever to run for the office of president—Hillary Clinton—a woman beloved around the world and by the vast a majority of Americans, was cheated of her rightful place as the winner of the 2016 U.S. presidential election by the collective cheating…

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Because Trump is not an option

  I haven’t really known what I will do in this election, as a Republican woman with a long-standing, seemingly inbred distrust of Hillary Clinton.  I was rather enthralled with Carly Fiorina as a candidate and had the sense that, were Carly to succeed in her bid to run as the Republican nominee against Hillary,…

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Because she’s a trans role model

Hillary in a Transformed Age by Valerie Gardner, posted 7/29/16 As the dust settles from the Democrats’ surprisingly fierce primary skirmish and the party reorients towards unity following the Convention, there’s another undercurrent of cultural transformation taking shape in 2016 that could be said to have been as much as six hundred years in the…

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