Because she takes tackling climate change seriously

The whole planet is being threatened by global warming which, if not tackled seriously by our next president, could change the entire course of our future.  Donald Trump, who has said that he believes that Climate Change is a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese, would be a disaster for the American people as well as the planet.  Fortunately, Hillary is taking the warnings from scientists seriously.  Like any intelligent, competent leader, she recognizes that this is no ordinary issue and is already putting together a task force of experts to address the myriad sub-issues and solutions to climate change.

While Trump is busy making a fool of himself with outrageous behavior and offensive comments and attracting all of the media’s attention, Clinton is working behind the scenes bringing experts from across the spectrum together to seriously study the issue of climate change and begin to put together coherent policies.  By being willing to take time off from her campaign to work on this issue in particular, she is showing just how seriously she takes the threats that we’ve been hearing from scientists for decades now.

In the DailyKOS post, Hillary’s Climate Change Efforts, nicky cites a Politico article which detailed some of the process that Hillary is engaging in to address climate:

“The team of nearly 100 informal advisers, who have spent the past year compiling recommendations on everything from chemical safety and Everglades restoration to nuclear power and climate finance, includes holdovers from the Obama administration such as former White House advisers Carol Browner and Heather Zichal.”

Being a policy wonk will turn into the best gift for like minded people that are preparing her platform. Some of Obama’s Climate change guys are leading the way to organize and strategize on how to get things done.

“Over the past year, the trio have organized monthly conference calls and policy-focused working groups that have drilled down on specific issues, according to sources familiar with the process. The much larger team of informal advisers has been tasked with writing position papers that explore policy details in greater depth than Clinton has plumbed in her public statements.”

We agree with nicky‘s analysis as well:

“The depth of her intent shows. Seeing Climate Change as having many issues within the issue, she’s sought out people to also address how this issue affects the poor and minority communities. Seeking people like South Carolina’s state Rep. Harold Mitchell who pursues environmental justice movement issues shows the depth she’s looking into.

Read the article. It’s kinda cool to watch how she’s willing to have a large table on a large issue. And she’s listening”

[Click here to go to the Politico article: Hillary Clinton’s Climate Army]
[Click here to go to the DailyKOS article: Hillary Clinton’s Climate Change Efforts]

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