Thank You, Secretary Clinton

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Secretary Clinton, I will remember you.  I’ll remember the lessons I’ve learned from you, and will always be thankful to you for teaching me and so many others by example, by inclusion, by grace, by strength, by perseverance.

I don’t think I’m the only one who doesn’t really give a damn about the emails.  Maybe not the only one whose eyes narrow with suspicion toward James Comey and the damage done to Secretary Clinton’s campaign  with Comey’s vague but curiously-timed October 28th letter to Congress, and the November 7th clarification that nothing had changed since the investigation in July, which seemed to “clear” Clinton but with some harsh asides about “extreme carelessness.”

The email “scandal” was never (to me) of any real importance until Comey’s partisan blunder.  He added fuel to a fire that he had already determined had no merit and had been extinguished.  (Now that’s extreme carelessness, or would be without the shifting targets and their agendas as we’re learning).  With his surprise appearance in late October, the decline of Clinton’s campaign began in earnest.

But this isn’t about Comey.  It’s not about email.  Not about the damaging whisper campaigns or the open contempt of “LOCK HER UP!” at Trump’s rallies.  This is bigger than any one factor or one person.

Hillary Clinton took all the baggage thrown at her over the past thirty years and carried on.  That’s what I’ll remember going forward.  She never stopped.  She never gave up.  Despite the mud-slinging and daily denigration, she rejected the negativity and fought even harder.  She fought even when she was so ill with pneumonia and dehydration that she fainted at a September 11 memorial observance.

My grandfather used to say someone had “grit” when speaking of people who were down on their luck but continued to fight and eventually triumphed.  Grit is believing in yourself and your determination to make a difference in the face of obstacles, of intolerance, in gossip and sketchy, breathless first-hand accounts designed to demolish you.  It’s standing in your own truth and never quitting on yourself.

Hillary Clinton has more grit than almost anyone.  She had to have it to survive the endless “scandals” that meant Republicans all up in her business for over 30 years.  She drew strength from inside after her husband betrayed her and lots of women disliked her for not leaving him.  I was one of them, and too young and immature to realize that you don’t always quit because your husband betrayed you and humiliated you.  No one decision fits all relationships. If you value what you have together, you don’t give up. You fight harder to hold on.  Quitting is an easy way out.  Hillary doesn’t do anything the easy way.  I learned as I grew up and became a woman that there’s no honor in taking your toys and going home.  Hillary Clinton taught me this.

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