Trump cheated to beat Hillary

After 240 years of all male presidents, the smartest, most dedicated and experienced leader ever to run for the office of president—Hillary Clinton—a woman beloved around the world and by the vast a majority of Americans, was cheated of her rightful place as the winner of the 2016 U.S. presidential election by the collective cheating by a team of crooked, anti-democratic, criminally-conspiring white men.

Donald Trump, a man so bereft of morals, ethics, integrity or manners, who was repugnant to all Democrats and to most all educated, ethical Republicans, reviled by the press, and most of the world, managed by a wide panoply of schemes, lies, deceptions, treason and blatant cheating to steal the win from Hillary, despite her having won nearly 3 million more votes than he did. They forced this loathsome, disgusting and boarish man upon us and we, the American voters, know we have been raped in the process.

There is plenty of blame to go around.  Almost no one realized the extent of the malevolent conspiracy being conducted against Hillary and all Americans.  For much of the election, no one seriously thought a man so vile and obnoxious as Trump could possibly win.  Hillary maintained a polling lead throughout the campaign.  So, many Democrats, Independents and  Republicans felt they could afford to sit back and not have to worry about the risk from Donald.  Hillary was a lock.

It didn’t take all that long for news of what transpired to start leaking out.  Now, after a few months, we know about nearly all of the nefarious tactics used by Donald and his minions to come out through investigative reporting.  There were dozens of separate and independent efforts to throw the election in Donald’s favor, and there were conducted by a slew of Republican operatives, White Supremacist, Alt-Right, Fundamentalists Christian and Russian Agents, all doing their part to undermine the Democratic-majority preference and throw the election in his favor.  It is clear that, without that concerted action, Hillary would have won.  So Donald’s “win,” is not a win, it is a cheat of the system, a defrauding of the voters and a finger in the face of fairness, decency, honesty and law and order, much the way Trump conducts every bit of his criminal enterprise.  Here is a list of the many ways that they stole the win:

How Trump Stole the WIN from Hillary

  1. Undemocratic and unconstitutional re-districting broadly across most all red states, using Gerrymandering that reduces the number of districts that Democrats win, increasing Republican control over the voting apparatus of the state..
  2. Unconstitutional Voter ID laws restricting voter access and inequitably affecting minorities, the elderly, lower income and immigrants, including through the timing of available hours and locations to access to polling places, limited numbers of machines based on demographics, and partisan choices of voter ID cards, to deny the vote disproportionately to Democrats.
  3. Malfeasance with voting machines, including not purchasing working machines but using broken voter machines in predominantly minority communities, creating long voter lines and having reduced numbers of working machines make it hard to spare the time to vote, for those who do have the credentials.
  4. Voting machines hacked to eliminate the vote for President from the top of thousands of ballots, which reduced Hillary’s votes, and may have prevented her wins in critical swing states.
  5. Spreading lies about Hillary and calling her “crooked” which is totally a lie, yet by Donald repeatedly lying during his campaign speeches, spreading misinformation and intentionally serving to rile up hatred among his supporters.
  6. Spreading fake news on Facebook with faked accounts and writers paid to fabricate lies that seem possible to Facebook users, so they reject Hillary.
  7. Using Russian agents to spreading lies about Hillary through Fake News websites, all of which was fabricated and designed to appeal to those Trump has already riled up with hatred of Hillary.
  8. Corrupt refusals by Republican Secretaries of State to permit recount votes and audits of the votes in states with very close results, specifically WI, MI, and PA, most based upon irrelevant legal crafted to inhibit the voter’s ability to have assurance of an accurate vote.
  9. Deliberate and criminal miscounting of voted ballots in many states (75,000 uncounted votes were found in Wisconsin).
  10. Republican Secretaries of State using “CrossCheck” to throw out millions of votes in close states, at the last minute.
  11. Republican Secretaries of State refusing to allow actions to audit the vote when irregularities were found.
  12. FBI Director Comey leaking inaccurate bad news about the FBI investigation, very close to the election.
  13. FBI Director Comey refusing to comment on the interference of Russian agents in the election after evidence was found that it was done for the purpose of hurting Hillary
  14. Trump campaign coordinating with Russian agents who hacked into the DNC servers to steal email.
  15. Trump campaign coordinating with Russian agents to leak out stolen emails at a slow pace to send continuous negative signals about the DNC.
  16. Trump asking the Russians to hack into the DNC and find “missing emails” thereby setting the stage for them to release DNC emails that had nothing to do with alleged “missing” emails.
  17. Trump making it sound like the information leaked by WikiLeaks was more damning than it actually was by making false assertions about what was found.
  18. Trump lying about having no connections to Russia at all to defend against his connection to the WikiLeak activity, which he was actually connected to.
  19. Trump defending from lawsuits and exposure of his criminal acts by threatening the safety of women who accused him of sexual assault and using his minions to send highly intimidating death threats to get them to retreat and retract.
  20. Trump and his mafia minions sending death threats to reporters, scientists and others who oppose him, to inhibit them from going after him aggressively, the way they should.
  21. Trump limiting press access and deny press credentials to those press outlets that he doesn’t like, thereby limiting the Freedom of the Press.
  22. Trump and his supporters threatening the Electors of the Electoral College from voting against him, which they should have done and might have done, were it not such a scary environment.
  23. Using Twitter bots to taunt and overwhelm pro-Hillary twitter sites and invade pro-#Clinton hastag conversations.
  24. Using Russian and Alt Right agents to troll Hillary and democratic sites.


Even with all of these criminal and unethical actions, the fact is that Trump deceived many people into voting for him.  Furthermore, Trump has mastered the art of skirting the letter of the law, so U.S. law enforcement has had a difficult time enforcing even regular civil law against Trump, who uses the threat of lawsuits to defend himself from efforts to prevent him from constantly defrauding everyone who does business with him.  At this point, Donald has skated across fraud, criminal interference with elections and treason and yet, because of the sanctity of our electoral process, law enforcement is unable to charge him with crimes and it will be up to the Congress to implement impeachment charges against him, which won’t change the outcome of the election, even if it ultimately puts Trump behind bars, where he belongs.  The American people have suffered a grave travesty of democracy and justice and nefarious forces have saddle the American people with a person so criminal and evil, his main allies are Russian despots and oligarchs, Russian and American mafiosa and hate-spewing racists.

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