Why vote for Hillary . . . in a gorgeous infographic

[Adminisrator’s Note:  This is being re-posted from a widely-shared Facebook post by Venessa Scrivano Kelley because it is too good not to share more broadly.]

 From Venessa:

This started out as a friendly challenge from a good friend who plans to vote for Trump. He said, “I look forward to you outlining your rationale for supporting [Clinton/Kaine] just as you did so in opposing [Tump/Pence].”

So I did. With a four-page infographic.

I know better than to believe these images will convert him or anyone else, but I do want to demonstrate that my decision to support Hillary Clinton was not built on my distaste for Trump, snappy sound bites, delusion, or partisan blindness. I will vote for her in November because I’ve done my own homework, and she is, bar none, the most experienced, qualified candidate in the running for what is essentially the most stressful, demanding, risky job you can imagine. What she wants resonates with what I believe and what history has shown me to be true, and her political track record supports the notion that she will go after the things she promises with as much zeal as she always has. (If I believed otherwise, I would not have given up the sanctity and refuge of my lunch hours for the past week to create this, trust me.)

These images are loaded with as much as I could fit, but something I left out of these infographics is the feeling I get when I think of a Hillary Clinton presidency. Unlike Trump, who daily evokes an imaginary hellscape as the greatest reason to vote for him, Clinton’s approach makes me feel… uplifted. Because I agree with her: Our country is already great and we can work together to make it greater without pretending it’s easy. The key to a brighter future is uniting and moving forward – not buying into divisive ideologies and placing our faith in a single person whose solutions are as rigid and, therefore, brittle as the wall he thinks he’ll be able to build around us.

Anyway, here I am, on the record, telling you guys who I’m voting for and why. Again, to be clear: My vote is not against Trump. Nor do I think my vote is going to “the lesser of two evils.” My vote is FOR Hillary Clinton. And if this helps you articulate that for yourself, feel free to share.

Link to the interactive version is here: http://bit.ly/2dpBGH6

(*Special thanks to friends Jonathan, Heidi, Steve, Penny, Barbara and Caroline for fact-checking me, pointing me to additional resources, and being all around supportive of this little project. You guys are awesomesauce.*)


wivfhc-infographic-1 wivfhc-infographic-2 wivfhc-infographic-3 wivfhc-infographic-4

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