Canadian Health and Care Mall Review – Reliable Pharmacy Network that Delivers to Your Door

If you are still purchasing your meds from an offline pharmacy, you may think this is the best and only option you have but you are wrong. Online pharmacies have been around for a long time and they have been offering people a chance to reduce their medications costs by over 70%. Canadian Health and Care Mall is one pharmacy network that has been operating since the year 2001. This tells you that it has already served people for 17 years. Although its name may suggest that it is located in Canada, the pharmacy uses shipping companies such as EMS, UPS, FedEx, Canada Post, and United States Postal Service to deliver medications to everyone regardless of where he or she is located. The sites forming this pharmacy network don’t have a complicated look. To give you a clear idea of what to expect, here is one of the sites:

Canadian Health and Care Mall Main Page

The meds you will find in any one of the pharmacy network sites include male health pills, painkillers, diabetes meds, anti-smoking medications, general health drugs, and more. This tells you that you will solve all your medical needs using this pharmacy network.

Canadian Health and Care Mall Reviews

The only thing we advise our readers to trust when they are using an online pharmacy network to source their meds is consumer reviews. The following are the comments left behind by Canadian Health and Care Mall users:

Canadian Health and Care Mall User Testimonials

Connor is pleased by the low prices, fast deliveries, and unchangeably high-quality drugs. These are the factors which keep him going back to get more meds from the pharmacy network. He has done an online research and he claims that the pharmacy network is the best place that sells meds at a sane price.

Robert says that the Canadian Health and Care Mall drugstore network stands for quality and reliability. He indicates he cannot recommend the med store enough. He gets his ED medication and heart meds from the pharmacy network. He has used the network for 4 years and they have never disappointed him.

Thomas indicates that the Canadian Health and Care Mall drugstore network is professional and reliable. He gets high-quality meds from the network that have always worked for him throughout the years.

Canadian Health and Care Mall Online

A pharmacy network that handles payments safely is a network that you can consider trusting. We checked out some meds just to see how the payment page looked like. The first thing we noticed is the 256-bit security system the payment page had implemented. The other thing we noticed is the secure payment choices:

Canadian Health and Care Mall Payment Methods

They have two credit cards which are the Mastercard and American Express. They also have eCheck and bitcoin. They offer a 25% discount to anyone who pays using bitcoin. The safest payment method is through the use of credit cards. These allow you to dispute the charges made any time you feel like the deal was not done honestly.

Meds from the drugstore network are all approved by the FDA. The stores sell only drugs that don’t cause addiction issues. This allows them to dispense meds without forcing their customers to fax them their prescription scripts. The pharmacy doesn’t require anyone to create an account just so that they can order their meds. The pharmacy network is not selective about the countries to which they ship their medications. They ship to anyone regardless of where he or she is located.

Canadian Health and Care Mall Coupon Codes

The pharmacy network sites have various offers which help their customers save money. A good example is the following offer they have for their male customers:

Canadian Health and Care Mall Special Offer

Other better offers become available when you visit the network sites cart. There you will find free pills, free regular Airmail shipping for your orders which exceed $150, free Express Courier for orders over 300 dollars, and free insurance for people who order meds that are worth more than 200 dollars. In the price list, the price per pill reduces as you increase the number of pills you purchase.

Canadian Health and Care Mall Phone Numbers

By visiting any of the sites contact pages, you will find all the contacts available for you to use. The common contact methods are either through the use of the email address on this contact page or through the contact form. One of the email address the chain network has is [email protected]

Canadian Health and Care Mall Spam and Phone Calls

Over 90% of the online drugstore networks on the web will scam you and then spam you while trying to force you to buy from them. However, you will be happy to know that the Canadian Health & Care Mall drugstore network falls in the smaller 10% category. The store network has proven its value time again to their customers. They deliver drugs and never spam their customers with calls or advertisement emails. If you receive an email from the pharmacy network, it will be because the team is informing something very important related to your order.


If you are looking for cheap meds, you will have the ability to find these in the Canadian Health and Care Mall network sites. The drugs the stores stock are generic medications. However, they source these from reputable manufacturers. Therefore, they are safe for you to use. From the consumer comments who have already ordered, there were no delays in the shipment and the drugs that got delivered were real. The pharmacy appeared to always respond to the consumer queries. These are reasons which make us rate it 5 stars. Note that there are scam online pharmacies pretending to be in Canadian Health and Care Mall network. Be careful when shopping online. Only use web addresses that have been proven to be genuine.


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