Viridil Review: Sildenafil Citrate from Venezuela Lacks Patient Reviews

Viridil Review

Brand: Viridil

Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: Laboratorios Roemmers-Rowe SA

Country of Manufacture: Venezuela

Viridil Pill Image

Review and Description

Viridil is brand Viagra from Laboratories Roemmers-Rowe SA- a pharmaceutical company in Venezuela. The manufacturing firm has a long history behind it since its inception in 1921 by its founding father-Alberto. J.Roemmers. German technology was used to supply medications during the world wars. It later collaborated with an old chemical lab known as Kinos which was a mixed house of formulations. Another significant development with which it is associated with was that of incorporating its activities in the hands of Rowe laboratories in the home country. These collaborations are quite meaningful for Roemmers as they have made it a pharmaceutical pioneer in the land. This means that it has the most significant market share in the country and so its branded and generic products are the in tandem with the health demands and the supply sides of the market. Its good manufacturing practices are centered on the production of antivirals, neurological correctors, anti-infections, anti-diabetes and pain relievers. When impotence recipes are part of the equation, it has Viagrasol in addition to Viridil. Above all else, its dedication is bestowed in the production of accessible therapies and enhancement of sustainable environment to improve the quality of human lives. It is not only a mission but a blueprint of its operations since it claims to have exclusive quality.

The film coated, diamond-caved blue pills are made of Sildenafil citrate as the principal agent. The medicine is prescribed for erectile dysfunction to a larger extent whereas it is also used in the treatment of Pulmonary arterial hypertension. Its operations are well cut in that it causes the soft penile muscle to have more relaxation periods thus advancing the diameter of the circulatory blood vessels. The next step is to ensure that an extra volume of blood is taken to the penile tissues as a standard biological response to sexual stimuli. A successful process boosts the sexual performance of people living with impotence by preventing their erectility issues brought about by the disease.

Customer Reviews

Brand Viagra is an impotence remedy with a name bigger than itself. It has been manufactured by several pharmaceuticals around the world with some brands being more reputable than others. Viridil falls in the latter, and it has no testimonials from its users. The brand is from a leading Venezuelan pharma supplier which has been in the game for more than nine decades. It has an aim of providing accessible and affordable medicines as a contribution to healthy society. Its finished goods act as solutions for cardiovascular ailments, respiratory infections, neurological disorders and many others. Its vast experience has made it become an enmeshment of science and ethics a powerful duo for the reputation of every company. My speculations as to its lack of reviews revolve around poor marketing and a small market threshold in the planet. That aside its potency is still in the dark and there is no guarantee that it will meet the expectations of its users. Avoid guesswork and deal with reviewed brands.

Pricing and Dosage

Viridil film-coated tablets have different Sildenafil citrate quantities right from 25 Mg to 50 Mg and finally the 100 Mg. The drug attracts different prices from various drugstores however the leading internets drugstores sell it at $ 9.14 per tablet in a group of four which sum up to $ 36.55 while the same pill can be as low as $ 3.32 when it is bought in 120 pieces.

source: http://drugsavenue


In some drugstores, Viridil is tagged at more than $ 10.00 while others half that price and it all depends on the strides taken by the manufacturer and the pharmacist to recover the production cost and make profits.

How to Buy Viridil Online

Viridil is sold at a well-negotiated price in the following stores and to make the deal more irresistible, a free shipping offer is announced for bills that read $ 200.00 and above.

It has turned to be almost impossible to spot a store whose shipping charges are below $ 15.00, but the barrier has been shifted by the reasonable delivery charges at The regular airmail takes $ 9.50 while the express courier requires $ 19.95 only. The alternating store which has a negligible increase of less than a dollar is the It goes by $ 10.00 and $20.00 for the standard airmail and EMS respectively.

Since the drug Viridil is unavailable at reliable sources such as Pharmacy Mall and Canada Pharmacy 24h, it is good for consumers to consider other drugs apart from the elusive generic Viridil. Fildena is one good drug to try–it is sold at Pharmacy Mall for only as low as $0.73 and at Canada Pharmacy 24h for as low as $0.69.

How to Use

Vidiril is a daily pill where it is taken once in twenty-four hours with a glass of water. The tablet with low in works best when taken without food or with a light meal that is low in fat. It is as well recommended to be taken not more than an hour before the sexual experience for an optimum efficacy. Never take grapefruits or its juices as well as alcoholic drinks during the treatment as they alter with the functioning of the drug.

Side Effects

Vidiril is not an inch less than other sildenafil citrate components when it comes to regular headaches, stomach upsets, dizziness, facial flushes, nausea and muscle aches. In severe situations loss of hearing abilities, blurred vision and temporary blindness in addition to priapism may arise.

Conclusion with Rating

Viridil is an original Viagra from Venezuela with Laboratories Reommers-Rowe SA being its producer. It is used for minimizing impotence rates in patients and more so, in a matter of hours where one regains normal erectile levels. It is unfortunate that its supplier markets Viridil only in Venezuela and thus Viridil lacks consumer feedbacks in the web. It is sad that I can’t grant Viridil more than a couple of stars for a rate in a maximum of five due to the question of its potency. Do see a doctor before shopping for your copy of generic Viagra to secure an advice.


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