Viripotens 50 Review: Local Viagra from Argentina Void of Reviews

Viripotens 50 Review

Brand: Viripotens 50

Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: Microsules Arg

Country of Manufacture: Argentina

Viripotens 50 Tablet Image

Review and Description

Viripotens 50 is a prescription medication whose pharmaceutical properties are those of brand Viagra from Pfizer only that it comes from a different patent holder. Unlike its blue-colored famous counterpart which contains unflavored Sildenafil Citrate- the critical ingredient where it draws its potency, each white, elliptical tablet constitutes of banana, strawberry and common fruit flavonoids mixed with the chemical. The pills do not need to be hard and water-reliant for their administration, and some are soft allowing quick-absorption into the bloodstream as they melt in the mouth. Before we delve into its indications and scientific principles leading to its efficacy, it’s wise to give credit to its manufacturers. The microcapsules Arg pharmaceuticals limited in Argentina. The pharma producers ensured that the drug had all it takes to put Erectile Dysfunction (ED) in its rightful place. It reverses the inability of these patients not only to generate an erection but also, to have one which will last till the adjournment of a sexual session if not several of them in a single dose. It does this through extending the relaxation tendencies of the blood vessels in the penis. This is triggered by smoothening of the muscles at the wall of these veins and capillaries thus resulting in an increased flow of blood to the penile tissues. The physical bit that crowns it all is the typical arousal process of initiating an arousal.

Microsules manufacturing plant was started between 1970-1980, and it was the first South American pharmaceutical firm to be certified to develop active pharmaceutical ingredients. The versatility of the company touches on specific prescriptions- Oncology and HIV treatments, over-the-counter drugs, nutraceuticals, cosmetics and veterinary products. This is not to alienate that its array of pallets can be used in the management of endocrine inflammations, respiratory tract infections, influenza among others. Its four decades in the production and distribution of drugs are mostly nostalgic in 1995 when it launched the first Benzimidazole injection under the Bayer brand in animal health. The other significant milestone being the creation of Perlavita-the first moisturizing anti-wrinkle reduction tablet launched in 2012.

Customer Reviews

Viripotens 50, the Argentina brand Viagra, has not stopped at making Sildenafil Citrate its paramount ingredient. But it has a shared concept with some common impotencies in the market like Kamagra and Apcalis which incorporate fruity flavors in their tablets to make them more palatable. This combination of ideas is expected to provoke positive feedbacks from its consumers especially on digital arenas however online sites were void of these remarks. The Microsules produce, is yet to witnesses its popularity from its users despite it having all the enticing user requirements. The producing plant has brought original ideas to the table which have been hugely appreciated by the world at large the example being Perlavita-an anti-aging tablet. Even so, it is pointless to emphasize the cruciality of user reviews in narrating the potency of a drug, despite the trustworthiness of its manufacturers. How then can the customers differentiate a raw deal from a real one? Sleep over it and you will surprise many if you still think that it is okay to buy a less reviewed drug, leave alone one that has not been commented upon at all.

Pricing and Dosage

Viripotens 50 is made up of 50 Mg of sildenafil citrate as the active proponent. The drug is physically attributed as a white oblong tablet. It can mostly be found in various drugstores from Argentina.

Presciosderemedios is one of those sites where a pair of Viripotens coated tablets is traded at $ 69.00 making one to be sold at $ 34.50. A pack of thirty can only be possessed in exchange to $138.00. I don’t need to be a price consultant to know that the drug is overpriced compared to that of other brands. Viagra, therefore, lacking room for the majority of ED patients with a not-so-well-off financial ground.

How to Buy Viripotens 50 Online

Originals are expensive but if your financial muscle is well-able to get you a unit of the drugs you can go ahead and place your order from either of the following stores for a Brand Viagra or a generic clone of Viagra, called Fildena, that is very well accepted by customers worldwide. Fildena price can go as low as $0.69 per tab.

A shipping service of $ 9.50 for the ordinary airmail and $ 19.95 in place of an express courier is all you need to get your goods delivered by But for the the prescription drug demands a navigation charge of $10.00 and $ 20.00 via the ordinary airmail and the trackable service.

How to Use

The efficacy of every medication is an interplay between the potency of its constitutes and your consumption habits. To stand at a fault-free point, you ought to swallow the pill of Viripotens 50 as instructed by the physician or as needed. However, none of the two contravene the rule of consuming a capsule in 24 hours. A glass of water is all you might require to get it down the food pipe with an empty stomach being a favorable state. Abstain from Alcohol and grapefruit consumables during the treatment and most importantly take the pill an hour before the awaited intimacy with proper arousal methods in reinforcement.

Side Effects

Viripotens responds poorly to nitrate allergic persons as well as those who suffer from kidney, liver and heart diseases no forgetting its set of regular unwanted outcomes. These are hives, breathing difficulties, diarrhea, headaches, hot flashes and muscle cramps. On worse occasions you might experience visual problems, hearing difficulties and a painful, prolonged erection.

Conclusion with Rating

Viripotens 50 is a brand Viagra (impotence) from a national Argentina pharma producer- Microsules Arg, one that has seen it all in the past four decades development of active pharmaceutical ingredients and full doses in animal and human health. The drug at the core of our agenda is far from bringing forth some consumer remarks. The gapping efficiency issue makes me award it 2 over 5 for a rate and recommend you to consult your clinician before you buy.


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